• The Sarajevo gypsy orchestra was formed in 1998, by Boris Bartula with other compatriot musicians in cosmopolitan Montreal,firstly to interpret music from their uprooted culture, joyful and melancholy, that touches the heart and soul, and captivates the imagination of the spectator.

  • This is a journey through the musical heart of the Balkans,inspired by world rhythms, nomadic voices, vibrant percussions,lively brass instruments, and spirited accordion and gypsy violin.Group members, reunited by their shared love of vivacious and energetic gypsy music, deliver a highly animated performance that elevates the audience.  The uplifted spectators spontaneously show their affection for these vivid sounds and vocals.This festive music develops a communion of expression between the musicians and the audience, in a mutual manifestation of warmth: clapping hands and tapping feet,dancing and singing to this abounding music, transported by light and sound, exhilarated and nostalgic.The performance captures the spirit of the day at the village festival!
  • Musicians:
  • Boris Bartula, accordion and vocals. Born in Sarajevo, Bosnia, Boris has played the accordion since the age of 6. He obtained his Master's Degree from the Sarajevo Classical Music Academy in 1987, taught music for several years and played professionally for many different musical groups in ex-Yugoslavia. He has lived and worked in Montreal since 1995.    
  • Youri Slovak, violin and vocals, born in Czechoslovakia.
  • Marton Maderspach, drums and percussions, born in  Budapest, Hungary.
  • Alexis Basque, trumpet and euphonium, born in Montreal,  Quebec.
  • Julie Houle, tuba and trombone, born in Mauricie, Quebec.
  • Dominic Leveille, trumpet, born in Joliette, Quebec.
  • The Sarajevo Gypsies music harmoniously integrates outside influence into the various Balkan styles of music to create a “World” feeling. Songs filled with nostalgia explore conflicting feelings on such themes as exile, tragic outcome of seperation and above all celebration of Woman. Songs relate the pain of lost, inaccessible or impossible loves.
  • The singer also tells of the fight against the remains of the desire felt for person who inspired it. Some songs are woven with daily events: they provide more questions than answers, but they always allude to hope for a happy and worriless future. Other songs, irresistible dance songs, are an invitation to celebrate life with heart and passion. The gypsy rhythms gain volume, the violins lose restraint, the ears drive all the senses to become engulfed in the festive rapture.
  • The Sarajevo gypsy orchestra add a whole new flavour to music from the Balkan and Eastern European music. Not only do they continue to play the seductive airs natural to gypsy music, but interpret it with a unique spirit that pushes the traditional into a modern context and is a Montreal’s very own  sensation. They can set any stage ablaze with their sizzling gypsy sounds. Since 1998 the band has been stunning audiences with their thrilling, exuberant and dynamic performances. This seven-piece ensemble produces melodies that will touch your heart and captivate your imagination. Gypsy grooves, rumbling percussion, blasting brass and astonishing accordion sounds, the magic of the gypsy violin and enough jazz chops to satisfy any Balkan barbecue! This is nothing but the ultimate true and authentic party music! The origins of gypsy music, its lack of roots and its joyously melancholic airs, is something that all of these musicians share and have in common.The band consists of some of the world’s finest instrumentalists from a wide array of musical backgrounds uniting together to produce a musical cocktail that takes your soul to far away exotic places that you may have only dreamt of! “It’s easy to forget where you are when you listen to these hypnotic melodies”.
  • Nominated for Juno Awards in 2005 with their album ``En voyage`` Sarajevo gypsy orchestra won Galaxy MMM/Star Award in 2006 at the MMM Festival. They were also finalists at the Canadian Folk Music Awards in 2007 in the category best artist of music of the world-group.



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